JCTR ask Govt to tackle cost of living

 JCTR ask Govt to tackle cost of living

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR) has asked the new Government to tackle the persistent rise in the cost of living.

The organization says this is because there has been a persistent rise in the cost of living from January to August this year with the basic food basket for a family of five standing at over K7000.

JCTR Programs Officer for Social and Economic Development Modester Mwanza said the upward price changes were affected by volatility in the macroeconomic indicators such as the exchange rate and Inflation.

Ms Mwanza said JCTR wants to see the cost of living addressed backed by increased financing to key sectors such as agriculture, health and education among others.

She said the 2022 national budget is a window of opportunity to rigorously spell out how the volatility in key macroeconomic indicators will be addressed coupled with income and livelihood interventions towards a more affordable cost of living.