Jailing of Sinjela, dreadful indictment-Msoni

 Jailing of Sinjela, dreadful indictment-Msoni

All People’s Congress Party President Nason Msoni has described the jailing of a journalist as a dreadful indictment on the government.

Commenting on the sentencing of Derrick Sinjela the Managing Editor for Rainbow Newspaper on contempt charges by the Supreme Court, Mr Msoni said the move was essentially an international matter which will haunt the state.

He said it is shameful that the government now wants to silence citizens using the Constitutional Court.

“Jailing of Journalist Sinjela is shameful and troubling. It would appear that the court didn’t do an introspection on the jailing of Gregory Chifire. It is our considered view that an opportunity has yet been lost to do the right thing.

“This is a season of goodwill which should have compelled the court to exercise maximum leniency. An opportunity to fix the international image of the country has yet again been lost,” he said.

Mr Msoni said his party condemned the jailing of a good man in the strongest terms and appealled to fraternal friends from the international Community to help secure the release of Sinjela a seasoned practitioner of Journalism.

He said there is urgent need to have judicial reforms.

Mr Msoni has said judicial reforms are imperative to undertake in the circumstances given the apparent glaring errors of law and the misdirection’s.

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