It’s unfair for Kambwili to attack Kalaba-DP

 It’s unfair for Kambwili to attack Kalaba-DP

Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba says it is unfair for National Democratic 2021 Presidential candidate Chishimba Kabwili to begin attacking DP President Harry Kalaba.

Ms Kabemba was reacting to today’s story in the Mast Newspaper.

She said Mr Kalaba does not talk about Mr Kambwili nor any other opposition leader.

“He instead talks about how himself as President of Zambia in 2021 and the DP will alleviate the massive sufferings of the Zambian people. And that is our agenda for now. Mr Kabwili’s attacks on Mr Kalaba demonstrates that he has been out smarted, he is panicking and has now resorted to selling him with lies. Typical example of the story of Joseph in the bible.

“Mr Kambwili alleges that President Kalaba was about to be fired when he resigned as minister. This is a lie and he knows it. We are aware that the levels of credibility in Mr Kambwili are quiet very low and so we don’t expect much from him in this regard. Experience has proved that today he will say this tomorrow he will claim it was an evil spirit that influenced him,” she said.

She said Mr Kalaba had resigned saying Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda is on record to have refuted the resignation stating that those were rumours because President Lungu was very impressed with the Foreign Affairs Minister  Mr Kalaba’s works.

Ms Kabemba said it was only when Mr Kalaba had addressed the nation on his Facebook page to confirm his resignation that State House went quiet.

“So who is Chishimba Kabwila to come and begin telling lies? We therefore advise Mr Kambwili to keep his lane, know his match and stop dragging President Kalaba in dirty politics, he is above that.

“In fact Mr Kambwili should concentrate on dealing with his dwindling party where he has failed to provide leadership than spending time attacking Mr Kalaba who has no time for such cheap politics. Mr Kambwili has just proved to the people who have been accusing him of being a bitter soul to be correct. NDC is a product birthed out of bitterness,” she said.

Ms Kabemba said DP has never attacked Mr Kambwili nor his party which which she claimed was in ICU.

“He must reciprocate.  He should know that attacking Mr Kalaba will actually finish him completely because now the people of Zambian are seeing and are able to judge for themselves,” she said.

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