It’s unacceptable to wait for Council to clean your backyard-Bishop Chomba

 It’s unacceptable to wait for Council to clean your backyard-Bishop Chomba

Ministry of Local Permanent Secretary, Ed Chomba, (left) and Lusaka Town Cleck Alex Mwansa talk part in monthly cleaning activities at Kamulanga Market today.

Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary, Ed chamba, says it is unacceptable for residents of Lusaka to wait for Lusaka City Council to go and clean their environments.

Bishop Chomba said the role of the Council was to collect waste and not to clean their premises.

He was speaking today When he joined LCC and other stakeholders for monthly cleaning activities at at Kamulanga Market in Kamulanga ward 9.

“We don’t need anybody to come to us and tell us how we should clean our own environments, we live here we should make it better ourselves,” he lamented.

Bishop Chomba was particularly disappointed with some residents who stoodby and watched him and Town Clerk Alex Mwansa clean their premises.

Bishop Chomba also took a swipe at shop owners around the market that closed their shops but could not participate in the cleaning activities.

“Bwana TC next time you should come here with locks and close down all shops whose owners don’t want to participate in cleaning and yet they are the ones channeling out more waste into the environment,” he instructed.

Bishop Chomba noted that if residents themselves did not participate in the cleaning activities then there was a problem.

The PS observed that cleanliness was next to Godliness and that it was also connected to health.

He explained that some residents may be poor but they did not need to be dirty.

“We may be poor but we don’t need to be dirty, we may be a Third World country but we shouldn’t be dirty,” he said.

Bishop Chomba advised that residents did not need to have sophisticated tools to clean their surroundings but use available materials.

He expressed the need for residents to join hands with the Council and make their environments much cleaner.

Bishop Chomba said he expected everybody to participate in future monthly cleaning activities.

Sustainability of the Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign depended on the participation of all Zambians.

This is according to a media statement by LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba.

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