It’s unacceptable to prioritize roads at the expense of health NDC

 It’s unacceptable to prioritize roads at the expense of health NDC

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Vice Spokesperson Chipoka Mulenga says it is wrong for the ruling PF to misdirect funds received for coronavirus to build roads.

Mr Mulenga said that it is unacceptable for government to prioritize roads at the expense of health.

He was reacting to a statement by Infrastructure Minister Vincent Mwale who said some funds received for covid-19 will be channeled towards road construction.

“As NDC, we have now been vindicated that if at all there is covid-19 in Zambia, with the extent at which government has been pronouncing, we can’t misdirect funds. This shows that government is merely exaggeration the spread of covid-19 in Zambia. Just a fund raising venture for the PF as a party in power.

“On July 10, 2020, we advised government to reopen schools and bars after observing the flaunting of every covid-19 guide lines by the minister of health. A clear indication that there’s either no covid-19 or its extent in Zambia an exaggeration,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said 48 hours after Health Minister had abrogated ovid-19 guideline, Mr Mwale announced plans to divert covid-19 funds towards roads funding.

He wondered which reasonable leadership can diverts health funds to road development.

“How do you build roads at the expense of national health? This act is a clear display that covid-19 is being used by the PF as a ploy to deter opposition political parties from public meetings while the PF  amass so much finances that they can use for campaigns and other criminal acts like equipping and ferrying cadres as instruments of political violence.

“Besides, Zambia is heavily indebted to the Chinese because of loans for roads. Roads that are not lasting longer than a year before they demand overhaul repairs. We call on the government to rescind its decision and consider investing the money in improving the health sector. They need to buy dialysis machines, hospital ventilators, CT Scanners, medicines, set up pharmaceutical laboratories, recruitment of more health personnel among others.

Mr Mulenga said government can’t keep on building roads and toll gates when the already existing structures are not supported.

“Actually, toll gate collections’ must now be enough to be invested back in the infrastructure development. We reiterate our call for the reopening of the Zambian owned bars and schools country wide. If PF cadres can assemble and not contract Covid-19, the social revelers and school children can equally meet and go on with their daily lives,” he said.

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