It’s K50 pin for each ward in Chingola

 It’s K50 pin for each ward in Chingola


Chingola Municipal Council has approved a budget of K62, 700,000 million for the civic year 2019.

Of the K62.7 million 60 per cent translating into K37.620 million would go to goods and services which include provision of service delivery.

Speaking when he was presenting the budget in a special Council meeting, Finance Committee Vice Chairperson Soko Mumba said the budget would be financed through locally generated fund 45,335,143.00, National Support K14, 827,187.00 and Constituency Development Fund K2, 800,000.00.

He said K1, 350,000 has been set aside for the Ward Development Fund (WDF) which will see each ward get an allocation of K50, 000.

Mr Mumba said that the 2018 budget was prepared in line with the 2015-2019 Chingola Municipal Council’s strategic plan which is focused on service delivery to the people of Chingola.

He said the WDF will help finance micro projects in the community emphasizing that the Fund be administered upon consultation with the ward development committees.

Among the notable projects to be funded in the 2019 CMC budget are, sinking of seven borehole in Chingola peri-uburn areas, rehabilitation of bridges, construction of market shelters.

He said that this activity biased budget is aimed at improving the living standards

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