It time for youths to take up leadership-Socialist party candidate

Newly adopted aspiring Member of Parliament for Kwacha constituency under the Socialist Party Grace Natasha Namunyola  says time has come for youths to take leadership roles.
Ms Namuyola who was adopted in Lusaka yesterday at king fisher garden said she is aware that Kwacha constituency whose incumbent member of parliament is known to be rich and strong will not be an easy battle but hopes that will of the people will triumph over money.
Ms Namuyola who is journalist by profession said covering the Socialist party events and understanding their progressive manfesto made her join the party without reservation.
“This is the constituency whose incumbent is known to rich, strong and very intolerant. I am a poor , young, female to face the goliath. This battle is neither for the strong nor rich but it is the battle of the humble, for the humble, by the humble,” she said.
Ms Namuyola said people will always triumph over violence and arrogance adding that this gives her the encouragement and courage to face the upcoming general elections slated for 12th August 2021.
She has urged youths in Kitwe’s Kwacha constituency to rise and take a stand and usher in the Socialist party for a better life and future.

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