Is Mwanakatwe working with a clique to frustrate Govt?

 Is Mwanakatwe working with a clique to frustrate Govt?

Dear Editor,

Zambians must be made aware that while President Edgar Lungu is working round the clock to ensure that sustainable infrastructure development is delivered to the people as espoused in the PF manifesto, there is a clique of senior government officials frustrating these efforts.

It must be noted also that there is a Chinese national, an Agent of one of the largest firms, AVIC International allegedly making maneuvers and holding clandestine meetings to ensure that the firm gets all major road and other capital projects for the benefit of a few selfish people receiving kickbacks.

The current Minister of Finance, Margaret Mwanakatwe is heard made deliberate and reckless statements which have made international funders of projects to become reluctant to fund the ongoing projects, not because Zambia has no capacity to service loans but because of selfish interests.

This literally means that some projects will come to a halt because the Chinese banks and other financiers have already been alerted, deliberately so by Ms Mwanakatwe that the country is at risk with no capacity to get any loans.

But her statement is not true. What will happen, therefore, is that those projects will fall in the hands of AVIC at some point because there are reported clandestine activities happening with the minister herself and she is a said to be a beneficiary of AVIC oiling through a man by the name of Zhang.

This Zhang is the one trying to influence decision making even in government by dishing out some gratifications to strategic senior officials like Ms Mwanakatwe herself.

“If you saw the statement from Ms Mwanakatwe, they have cancelled some existing loans, banned the issuance of letters of credit and guarantees to state owned enterprises, terminated financing of development project that are below 80 per cent completion.

This move is dangerous for the government because it means that developmental activities through infrastructure development would be halted. This statement was issued by Ms Mwanakatwe when she knew very well that negotiations were underway to secure funds for capital projects.

The banks in China are now scared because of her statement without thought,” an impeccable source said.

“Everybody knows that AVIC International wants all capital projects and now they are funding some people to discredit competent contractors so that they could grab major projects. That’s why today you are seeing some stories in some media discrediting the other contractor claiming that they don’t have capacity. It is not true and these are maneuvers being made to ensure AVIC gets everything.”

Zambians must guard their country from selfish and corrupt elements by choosing development.

Ms Mwanakatwe and her clique must be stopped from frustrating President Lungu’s efforts offered development.  Projects must continue without these background maneuvers being made by a corrupt clique.

Concerned Zambian

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