Is Chingola regaining lost beauty?

 Is Chingola regaining lost beauty?

By Davies Chilufya
Chingola was once considered the cleanest town in Zambia. That is still in the archives of Zambian history.

Thanks; may be, to the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) Ltd, the mining conglomerate which was the main employer in Chingola and which also used to maintain most of the infrastructure around the town and provided many other social and community services.

The mining giant was everything to its workers, providing almost everything – from nappies when miners’ wives gave birth, to coffins when they or their children died. And everything in between.

But after the mines were privatised the town started to pass through rough patches socially. This was so because the new miner owners were not interested in providing social services as ZCCM used to.

But there seem to be a gleam of hope for our town, at least in some areas. This is as a result of the government’s urban road rehabilitation and other development programs.

For example the Chingola-Kitwe Road is now a dual carriage way. The roundabout as you enter the town from Kitwe is receiving its due attention by a landscaper, and I hope they will do a good job that will make all smile.DSC_0015

Kabundi Road is also a two way lane and coming up nicely, though the other side up to the local court needs some urgent attention.

The reworked 14th Street and the new Emart shops are also another plus to the town centre.

Freedom Way, along which you find the Convent school, Central Police Station and the Park Shopping Mall all the way to the underbridge is another project that is adding value to our town.

Several other townships and compounds have had their share of road rehabilitation in the recent past.

The two police camps (Nchanga and Central police camps) are getting houses built for them by Chinese contractors. So when you want to criticise Chinese people, think again.

To spice it up, several residents are setting up beautify homes, and other enterprising individuals are also building fine-looking lodges and guesthouses to make sure that visitors to the town are not stranded.

This, no doubt should be making Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo to move with his head high, knowing that he’s done what has eluded many of his predecessors.

Perhaps kudos should also go to President EC Lungu who has been so generous in ensuring that many areas of the country get their fair share of the national cake.

Chingola though, still has its own challenges and economic issues to contend with. Job opportunities are slim, and local contractors are ever complaining of non-payment of their dues by the mining company.

Are we ready as residents of this town, to maintain our new found beauty and make it even better? The onus is heavily on all of us to be responsible in everything we do.

Let’s make sure we don’t throw litter anyhow, we don’t build anyhow and, of course we should drive with caution so that we don’t bash and knock down those nice solar street lamps along some of these rehabilitated roads.

The local authorities should also put in place a maintenance system to repair street lights and patch up potholes before they because worse.

Otherwise, nice job the Mayor and the leadership of Edgar Lungu.

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