Irate Isoka mourners beat and stone man to death

 Irate Isoka mourners beat and stone man to death

A-33 year old man of Sansamwenje Village in Chief Kafwimbi’s area in Isoka has been murdered by a mob of mourners.

Muchinga Police Commissioner Chola Katanga has confirmed the development to ZANIS in Isoka today.

Mr Katanga said an irate mourners pounced on Thomas Sichamba at the grave yard during the burial of another man who was murdered earlier in the course of last week.

He said a mob of mourners pelted stones and hit Mr Sichamba with stick until he died.

Mr Katanga said the mob got angered when the headman gave a speech at the burial site in connection of rampant murder cases taking place in the area.

“In the process of mentioning the issue of hired murderers locally known as the JAMBAZI, Thomas Sichamba now the deceased stood up and started running which attracted the attention of the mourners who chased and stoned him to death.

“We visited the scene of crime and found out that Mr Sichamba had sustained multiple head and body injuries due to the stones pelted on him,” he said.

He said the body of Mr Sichamba is at Isoka District Hospital mortuary waiting for postmortem and burial.

The Police commissioner has since urged the Isoka residents to stop killing each other in cold blood as the law will catch up with assailants/ZANIS.

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