Invest back in your country and be part of transforming Zambia

 Invest back in your country and be part of transforming Zambia

By Abigail Chaponda in London, United Kingdom

Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Lieutenant General Paul Mihova has called on Zambians living in the United Kingdom to invest back in their home country and be part of transforming Zambia.

The High Commissioner made the remarks when he addressed various Zambian Association groups at the ‘Greet and Meet ‘event organised by the Zambia High Commission.

The High Commissioner urged Zambians in the Diaspora to live in unity and contribute to Zambia’s development and join hands with Government to realise the dream of a prosperous Zambia together.

He said it was the responsibility of Zambians both at home and abroad to work together to develop Zambia and urged the diaspora to use their network of contacts here in the UK, to access capital and technology that they can use in developing Zambia.

The High Commissioner further called on Zambians in the UK and Ireland to come together and establish a formal structure for engagement with Government and also create a Diaspora Association that can raise capital for investment projects that can go towards the development of the country.

The High Commissioner said Diasporas are rich in knowledge and experience and have access to capital that could give them an edge.

“We are here because we are Zambians and we love our country Zambia.  We are here to renew our duty of working together with a common purpose of contributing to national development from the diaspora perspective. The High Commission is keen to work closely with all of you without leaving anyone behind. This Mission exists because of you. We believe in transformational and servant leadership and we are at your service,” he said.

The High Commissioner said the government has introduced a Diaspora policy to promote the participation of the Diaspora in the development of the country and by working together Zambians can make a difference in their own country.

And Lieutenant General Mihova implored nationals in the diaspora to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, wherever they are, to maintain the good image of the country in the international community.

He said Zambians in the Diaspora should serve as their country’s ambassadors by speaking good about Zambia adding that it was incumbent upon Zambians in the diaspora to promote Zambia in their country of residence irrespective of their political and religious beliefs.

“To all fellow Zambians, I say we all have a duty and obligation to be patriotic, to protect and defend the unity and peace that we treasure so much. Be ready to contribute in the development of your country. His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has continually reminded us that he wants to see a developed Zambia that does not leave anyone behind as such, it is therefore, necessary that all Zambians, irrespective of political or religious affiliation and working together with others, must ensure that we accomplish our development targets set-out in the vision 2030 to ultimately become a middle-income country. Wherever you are, bear in mind that you play a significant role and the country needs your input to develop” he said.

Zambian Association group representatives who attended the event made use of the opportunity to engage with the High Commissioner and Diplomats on various topics of their concerns related to the Diaspora Policy and how they can invest in Zambia.


Abigail Chaponda

Abigail Chaponda is a Zambian Journalist currently working as the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in United Kingdom

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