Individuals defrauding Kitwe Council

 Individuals defrauding Kitwe Council

Dear Editor,

The abuse of office at Kitwe City Council by Council Officers conniving with politicians in defrauding the institution off the much required revenue has become the order of the day that it leaves ones wondering as to whether some people are above the Law.

I worked for the Kitwe City Council for over 25 years but what is happening today leaves much to be desired.

I have a case in point concerning Lubuto Community Centre in Chimwemwe Township. The Community Centre has been sublet for over four years not by the Council by individuals who collect the rentals and pocket the money and they have been allowed to continue with their activities.

I would like to find out from the Minister of Local Government and Housing if at all this is allowed, if not what is going to be done about it. Please stop this abuse of office.

Adam Chitula

The Independent Observer

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