Independent celebration to be at famous Samu lya Moomba heritage in S/Province

 Independent celebration to be at famous Samu lya Moomba heritage in S/Province

By Staff Writer
InThe Provincial Administration in the Southern Province says it will this year hold its Provincial Independence Celebrations at the famous Samu lya Moomba heritage grounds in Monze’s Chief Choongo area of Bweengwa.

This is serve as a reminder of the huge contribution and role that the famous tree played in the country’s attainment of its independence in 1964.

Provincial Minister Cornelius Mweetwa said the decision to hold the event at Samu lya moomba and directed the Provincial administration to quickly start preparing for the event at the historical tree.

Mr Mweetwa said the administration will also write to Cabinet to consider declaring the tree  protected National heritage site adding that the role it played in the attainment of independence is too significant to be ignored and invited Zambians from across the country and beyond to attend.

Hundreds of animals were donated by the Tonga and Ila Speaking people to enable freedom fighters such as Kenneth Kaunda and others travel to England to obtain the country’s independence constitution that gave birth to a new independent Zambian Republic.

The tree is therefore famous for providing shelter for the many animals and owners as they waited to be sold off to raise the required amounts hence its significance to the country’s independence history.

It is the hope of the Provincial administration that the event will relive the independence struggle especially among the youths .

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