Increase casual workers salaries KCM told

 Increase casual workers salaries KCM told


Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika has told Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to increase salaries for the Casual workers.

Mr Chilundika said it is sad to know that the people who are doing hard labor job are getting little money.

He said that KCM should therefore come up with a plan to gradually increase their salaries if they can’t do it at once.

Mr Chilundika who is also Luapula Province Minister said if KCM fails to increase salaries, people in he’s constituency will look at him as a failure.

The Minister said KCM should bridge the gap on the salaries of the workers unlike the current situation where management is getting colossal sums of money while casuals are getting very little.

Mr Chilundika said that the people have suffered a lot and he will not accept any excuses from the mine because he knows that the company is capable of increasing the salaries of casual workers.

He said that if the company can manage to pay managers in dollars then it is capable of paying the other employees.

And Konkola copper Mines Chief Executive officer Christopher Sheppard said the process of increments cannot be done overnight and can take up to six months but it will be done gradually.

Meanwhile the Minister also visited Kabundi clinic to check on the operations as there were complaint of bad attitude toward work by some nurses.

He said that the new government will not condemn bad attitude toward work and patients.

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