In Zambia you cant do remote business because of theft-Haabazoka

By Dr Lubinda Habazoka
The cost of doing any business in Zambia is very high because there is a lot of theft amongst citizens.

You can’t build anything without losing cement

You can’t farm anything without your chicken being stolen

You can’t procure anything before it has been over priced to get kick backs

You can trust anyone because they will always lie and expose true negligence

We need to change the mindset. The cost of doing business is hidden in heavy surveillance of catching culprits or loses that exist but hidden by those who steal.

Because of the above, you can’t do remote farming, remote construction or entrust a company to professional managers.

How can you grow businesses if you need to be involved everywhere yourself????

Apple continue to exist even without Steve Jobs. Coca Cola, Ford are also well alive. In Zambia, they will milk you till you run dry and them move on to the next object.

That is why you find that shops owned by foreigners will have owner controllers even at the till. It’s not because of denying us jobs, it’s also because of the theft element.

The society we live in should really practice the Christianity we dedicate a Saturday or Sunday to otherwise it’s pointless.

In a shop, the helper will advise you not to buy there but will deliver at a cheaper price if you just wait outside. The guys loading will ask for money to buy water. The guy manning the car park will ask for money for guarding it. The guys offloading what you bought will steal half of what you bought if you won’t supervise offloading yourself.

What kind of country do we have?

No wonder everyone is suspicious of everyone.

Even in homes you send your people to buy food they will either buy less than you sent them to buy or just buy cheaper and pocket the remainder.

Happy weekend and good luck to my remote farmers, plot developers and other business owners!!!!!