I’m the voice for the people-Michelle Kazala

 I’m the voice for the people-Michelle Kazala

PF candidate for Chingola Constituency Michelle Kazala says that the people of Chingola should vote for her because she is the voice for the people who can articulate issues.

Ms Kazala said that Chingola needs a person who will look out for their interest in terms Health, Developmental projects and livelihood sustainability.

She said that a leader should be selfless with willingness to improve the lives of people without any personal interest attached.

Ms Kazala said the people can trust the voice they are selecting because it will be what speaks for them and be of service to the community.

Ms Kazala said that she has been involved in a lot of community projects before even aspirating for the parliamentary seat through the Catholic Church, Nchanga golf club and the lottery club of Chingola.

“This position requires a person that has a heart for the people and I am here to serve the people, you can be assured that someone who has been working with the community is a person who can be trusted as members of Parliament.

“I am a Chingola born and bred who has worked and accomplished a lot within Chingola and me and my husband are employers in Chingola ready to do more for the people ,” she said.

Ms Kazala said that she is looking forward to a peaceful election just as PF President Edgar Lungu loves and has been promoting peace, so the fight should be taken to the ballot box and not physically.

“People should remember that there is life after elections as we go to vote on 12 August lets continue to be peaceful,” she said.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.