I’m on the Copperbelt to wipe out gangs-IG

 I’m on the Copperbelt to wipe out gangs-IG

By Thulasizwe Tembo in Ndola
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says he has come to the Copperbelt to completely disband the notorious gangs in Kitwe.

The IG is on a three day visit of the Copperbelt, where he started with a courtesy call on Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe at his office in Ndola this morning.

He said he was going to Kitwe to monitor the notorious gangs.

“I’m here on the Copperbelt and I will be in Kitwe, so that I can hear and see what these notorious gangs are about. We have heard if Tokota, Hundreds, Bwabwabwa, Sons of the devil, and others. So am here to see that we completely do away with these gangs. We can’t allow these gangs. We are here to completely disband these criminal elements and my officers are equal to the task,” Kanganja said.

He said the police will work tirelessly to ensure that there is order in Kitwe.

And Mr Nundwe said some police officers need to be demoted and transferred to Shangombo and Chama.

Later he said he was not happy with the indiscipline at the black mountain.

He said when President Edgar Lungu gave out 10 per cent of the slag dump, he did it in good faith.

Mr Nundwe said there is need for order to prevail at the black mountain.

He expressed concern at the manner police officers where conducting themselves at the Kasumbalesa boarder.

“What is happening in Kitwe does not please the President or any one. Sanity should be brought back in Kitwe. Copperbelt should not be known for illegal things. This province require officers that are level headed. Bring sanity to Kitwe. Don’t take Kitwe lightly in terms of sanity.” Nundwe said.

“We still have a pedigree of officers that are not doing their work. What happens at Kasumbalesa is not good. Make some changes. If we keep officers at the same station, they become to0 familiar and do nasty things.

“There is so much insanity at the border. Make sure that you become radical and make changes. Demote some or transfer them to Shangombo, Chama those far places. No civil servant should resist to be transferred. I was in Muchinga for three years and I worked and transformed that place,” he said.

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