Illegality is wrong from whatever angle-Supremacy Boss

 Illegality is wrong from whatever angle-Supremacy Boss

Supremacy Investment Managing Director Stephen Chishimba says illegality is wrong from whatever angle one may look at it from.

Mr Chishimba said the best way to garner votes is to competently  sell a product called a  party manifesto and point at the various programmes the party has implemented in line with the party manifesto and whatever programmes have been lined up for implementation for citizens to buy in.

He said one has to take time to explain party programmes slowly but surely for people to understand.

“Leadership is not about supporting illegality as a way of garnering votes. Illegality destroys nations because citizens get used to doing things outside the law. A leader mustn’t support and defend these illicit activities no matter what it takes.

“Citizens need to be sensitized on the dangers of illegal land allocation, one of which is demolition as a result no matter how many years it may take. What doesn’t belong to you doesn’t belong to no matter how you manipulate things to your advantage,” he said.

He said sensitization is best done by leaders but if leaders are in the forefront to support illegality then the future of the country is heavily endangered.

He said the country has had cases where legitimate owners of parcels of land have been brutalized in the past to a point of death by squatters because of insensitivity and partiality of leadership.

“I know how it feels to have squatters occupy your legitimate land and deprive you of economic activity on that parcel of land.

“Whoever has never been a victim of illegal land allocation may support this illegality with the last drop of their blood but those who understand what this is all about will work in tandem with other leaders to heal this malaise which is ever on the increase,” he said.

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