Illegal military drilling case fails to take off again

 Illegal military drilling case fails to take off again

The case in which the 14 men including a Chinese national were arrested for alleged illegal military training has failed to take off in the Chingola Magistrate court.

The case couldn’t take off because the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) was not before court.

The matter was scheduled for continuous of trail but people from ZICTA who were supposed to testify as they were comparing a video which is part of the state evidence did not show up.

The state seek for an adjournment to August 16 for the continuous of trail and the possible closing of the case.

The Defence Counsel representing seven co-accused from the 14 made an application for the state to give back some documents (certificates) that was taken from the men.

He also made an application for the court to change the bail terms as some of the men have failed to meet the conditions.

Magistrate Martin Namushi rejected the first application stating that it was still at a premature stage to surrender back those documents but he said he will look into the second application on the next adjournment.

Appearing before Magistrate Namushi was Liang Bin Giang a Chinese National facing two counts of weapon training persons unlawfully without lawful permission and in the second count he is joinly accussed with 13 other Zambians for unlawful drilling contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offense are that Bin Giang 32, of Makeni Lusaka, James Banda 20, of House number 26 Andrew Mwenya road Chiwempala, Martin Chinyama 25, H No. 61 Kanongesha road Chiwempala, Samson Sinkala 19, of 82/B11 Kamba Drive Nchanga North, Joseph Phiri 23, and Isaac Phiri 25 both of 12 Lwele road Chikola, Kellison Kapasa 27, of 4 Kazunga street Nchanga North, Bruce Simukonda 23, of 39 Old Airport Nchanga North, Muloiso Mkandawire 23, of 12 pine Kabundi North.

Others are Albert Mwansa 23, of 6956 Lupando Street Nchanga North, Elias Mwale 21, of 25/35 Makeni Lusaka, Sydney Mupeta 26, of KB8 Kafue Makeni Lusaka, Arthur Sinkonde 28, of Namwala Street Nchanga North, Pintu Boniface 31, of NC4 Namwala Street Nchanga North.

On July 16, were being drilled in weapon training without authority.

Magistrate Namushi has since adjourned the matter to August 16, for continuous of trail.

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