Illegal land allocation won’t be tolerated-Chingola Mayor

 Illegal land allocation won’t be tolerated-Chingola Mayor


Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe says that the municipality will not allow illegal land allocation because it is saddening when houses and structures are demolished due to illegalities.

He also appealed to Councilors in the district to avoid allocating land to any unsuspecting residents.

Speaking when he featured on Iwave FM Radio’s Community Platform, Mr Kang’ombe said Chingola has vast land and the council is the only eligible source allowed to allocate land in a district without chiefs.

He said the demolition at the Kasompe Airstrip was unfortunate as people were given land by unscrupulous people.

Mr Kang’ombe said the demolition was supposed to be avoided and he tried to halt the demolition but he could not do much as the directive was already given to carry on with the demolition.

“We have learned a lesson from the Kasompe Airstrip demolition, going forward we will ensure that demolition is the last option, we will make sure that all options are done, we hope and are certain that this will be the last demolition done in the district,” he said.

And Lulamba ward Councilor Samuel Lupito encouraged the residents to avoid building without building permanents.

Mr Lupito emphasized that the Council is the only eligible land allocator; any other person is an illegal land allocator.

He said despite the demolition that devastated the district in Kasompe Airstrip, Chingola residents are still building anywhere including grave yards.

Mr Lupito also cautioned residents in the habit of encroaching land reserved for various use that the law will visit them shifty.

Meanwhile the Mayor also said that the Council has established a fast track court to deal with issues of illegal land allocation.

He explained that this court is not only designed to deal with land illegalities but various issues affecting residents that have to do with the municipality.

And Chingola Community Leader Wisdom Muyunda urged residents to avoid building in areas that are marked by authorities such as the Zambia Railways.

 He said this will help avoid unfortunate demolitions.

Mr Muyunda said that also called on residents to avoid lawlessness when acquiring land.

And Chingola Former Mayor McDonald Mulongoti said in the previous regime, Land was given with Impunity by cadres such that council did not have any right or say whenever land was allocated by anyone.

Mr Mulongoti said that the Mayor has no right and power to demolish any buildings because land is given through the office of the Town Clerk.