IG warns unruly PF youths cadres

 IG warns unruly PF youths cadres

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has warned suspected PF youths who were involved in yesterday’s fracas that police will catch up with.

The IG has condemned the fracas that happened in Chawama Township where unruly youths clashed and ended up causing disruption of peace in the area.

Mr Kanganja said that the police shall not entertain or cast a blind eye to any form of lawlessness regardless of any political party affiliation.

He said anyone who breaks the law must face the consequences of their behaviour.

Mr Kanganja said that the initial investigations revealed that two groups of PF youths in Chawama clashed thereby causing anarchy and disturbing the peace of innocent members of the public.

He said the youths also took to the streets of Chawama and blocked some roads thereby causing panic and fear to the public.

Mr Kanganja said Police officers were deployed to the area to restore order and investigations have been launched with a view of bringing perpetrators to book.

“I am warning all those PF youths who were involved in yesterday’s public disorder that police will catch up with them. I wish to remind everyone that all public activities such as meetings, processions and protests are guided by the Public Order Act, therefore, all those that wish to undertake such activities should always engage the police. Any conduct to the contrary shall attract the wrath of the law,” he said.

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