Icon Hotel: Home Away from Home

Icon Hotel of Chingola is a luxurious hotel inspired leading boutique hotels around the world. Perched on the fringes of the constantly flowing waters of the Nchanga stream and strategically located just 1.3 kilometers east of Chingola City Centre- the main connection point into town.

Our Service

Icon Hotel is the only Hotel in Zambia to offer an exclusive fully secure private car port with a fully automatic roller shutter on each of our rooms with a dedicated door to the respective rooms eliminating the hassles of offloading the Motor vehicles.

We are not the cliché “Home away from home” we strive day day to prove that indeed we are a true home away from home as we never want you to miss home, we want you to be home.

You, our customer are the most important visitor on our premises

You are not dependent on us

We are dependent on you

You are not an interruption on work

You are the purpose of it

You are not an outsider to our business

You are the main part of it

We are not doing you a favor serving you

You are doing us a favor giving us an opportunity to serve you.


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