Ibute Tutu offers free driving lessons to Grade 12s

 Ibute Tutu offers free driving lessons to Grade 12s

Ibute Tutu Driving School has given driving scholarship to 11 grade 12 pupils who got high marks at grade 12 last year.

Ibute Tutu through the District Education Board Secretary’s office selected the pupils who have since begun the lessons.

Ibute Tutu proprietor Malangiza Chaziya said that driving is another skill that can help the pupils to raise money for tertiary education.

Mr Chaziya said that the pupils will be taught driving lessons for free till they get their licenses.

He said empowering school leavers with driving skills will help them from straying in compounds without anything to do.

“Those who will pass test at RTSA they will get licenses and can start working as drivers because sometimes not every graduate gets a white collar job, other it is through other skills and those who know what they want in life succeed from being drivers to other big things,” he said.

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