I will prioritise to sort out the water problem- Siluyele

 I will prioritise to sort out the water problem- Siluyele

United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate for Nchanga Ward  Jones Siluyele says that given the chance on August 12, he will  prioritize sorting  out the water challenges and the sewer network especially in SQ area.

Mr Siluyele said water has been a problem in the area and some parts do not  receive water in their households and it not healthy in this time of Covid-19 Pandemic.

He said there are number of challenges in area but he make sure that  he normalizes the issue of  water because water is life.

“The area has faced with a vast number of challenges, the issue of waste disposal, people have no direction where to throw their waste, blocked drainages and garbage collection,” he said.

Mr Siluyele  said the people have no title deeds for their houses  and that is making difficult for the people to pay the rates from the Council.

My slogan (umuntu kwishiba apakwambila napakupelela) which means that a person should know where to start from and where to end is a reflection of the five years that will be used focus on the initiatives that i have been doing,” he said.

Mr Siluyele said given the mandate all the initiatives will  be backed by the law.