I watched helplessly as rioters, looters stole from my shop-Kamwefu

 I watched helplessly as rioters, looters stole from my shop-Kamwefu

Chingola businessman Isaac Mukondya commonly known as Kamwefu has testified to Chingola magistrate court how he watched his shop looted, and three houses and three vehicles being gutted to ashes by rioters.

Appearing before Resident Magistrate Stephen Maona Mr Mukondya 40, of 79 Chiwempala road told the court that it was around 07: 00 hours when the riots begun to loot.

He said that he was home preparing to go to the shop when his wife called him that they are people throwing stones at the house.

He told the court that he went outside and told them to stop but they were a lot of people and after some time he went to the shop at Chiwempala were he found a lot of people shouting that they will loot the shop so he called the police.

Mr Mukondya said while waiting for the police, people continued and started throwing stones so he went to seek refuge in a house near his shop and was able to hear people looting the shop.

He said the police arrived after the shop has been looted and everything in the shop stolen.

Mr Mukondya said that while at the shop his wife called him that a lot of people had gathered at the house and want to burn them so he called police who went to rescue his family from the people.

The second witness was his wife  Bertha Mwenya 48, of the same address who also told the court that on the fateful day she was preparing breakfast when she head stones been thrown on the roof of the house and she called the husband.

She told the court how she watched people looting properties in the house and set the house and three vehicles on fire while they were been rescued by the police.

Both Kamwefu and his wife were not able to identify any of the suspects as they told court that there were a lot of people on that day and don’t know who was they as they were busy trying to save they properties.

This is in a case in which 22 are facing Riotous Behaviour and in the second count they are facing count of arson.

Particulars of the offence are that Samuel Mumba30, Dimus Kalumba 29, Emmanuel Chabala 12, John Chibwe 25, Isaach Malema 18, Maybin Mulenga 23, Kellys Siingwa 27, Paul Kaloza 43, Derrick Mitato 42, Osward Chipali 36, Luck Chipali 46, Cliton Mwape 18, Lackson Chela 42, Loti Zuze 38.

Others are Raymond Kopeka 32, Patrick Chansa 34, Isaach Sinyinza 34, Malambo Ng’andu 28, Henry Tuyati 33, Strados Samukwato 13, Juma Phiri 38 and Steven Bwalya 15.

The 22 on January 8, 2020 joint and whilst acting together willfully but unlawfully set fire  on a house, three motor vehicles and assorted household goods worth K2, 940250 the property of Isaac Mukondya.

Mr Mabona adjoined the matter to January 29, and 31st 2020 for trail.

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