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I was instructed to arrest Kazhila Jr-Witness

By JOHN SAKALA and Bwale Mutanuka
Chingola Police Officer has told the Chingola Magistrate Court that he was instructed by higher authority to arrest Joseph Kazhaila Jr, for allegedly inciting the public.

Emmanuel Phiri 47, an Inspector at Chingola Central police station told Magistrate Shadrack Chanda that he identified Kazhila Jr as the man he arrested.

Mr Phiri declined to offer further evidence before court.

And another state witness Detective Inspector Boyd Ngoma 43, said he was equally instructed to get the recording from social media and put it on Compact Disc.

Mr Ngoma said he had nothing further to say for he was just instructed.

The audio was played before court.

During cross examination Mr Ngoma could not contain the pressure from Defence Counsel Tom Shamakamba of Shamakamba and Associate from Ndola.

When asked if he heard anything inciting which could cause the breach of peace, in the audio, Mr Ngoma said he heard nothing.

Particulars of the matter are that Kazhila Jr, a business man of plot Number 1722 Chikola recorded audio where he said the chemical being sprayed in houses is more of a spiritual battle and he shared the same on WhatsApp groups.

The matter has been adjourned to March 2, 2020.

And trial in the matter in which Life Gospel Ministries and Churches international General Overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila is charged with seditious intentions failed to take off.

The state again wasnt ready saying that they had not yet received instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Particulars of the offence before Resident Magistrate Stephen Mabona are that Kazhila, of plot number 4471B of Chingola’s Riverside did incite violence when he called on residents of Chingola on local radio station to arm and defend themselves against ritual killers.

The matter was adjourned to March 16, 2020 for commenecement of trial.

Kazhila is on bail.

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