‘I want you to reach home safe and happy’-Anil Agarwal

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Vedanta Resource Chairman Anil Agarwal has told his employees that he wants them to work in safe environment for to reach home happy and safe.

Mr Agarwal said if the current safety habits can change, it will spread through the entire company thereby enhancing safety.

He said a commitment to Safety Health and Environment (SHE) is the foundation of operating as part of company values and corporate culture.

“It is not just about what we say, but what we do on the ground, at our operations, every day and how we set an example for others to follow. Let’s collectively make 2019 a ‘zero harm’ year!

“The senior management team has extensively reached out to every employee, contractor and partner to reinforce the ‘culture of care’ and ‘zero harm’, above everything else. It is crucial that the front line leaders engage all team members to become the best safety advocate they can be,” he said.

Mr Agarwal said in order to have a strong SHE culture, one has to have SHE as the first value.

He has implored team leaders in the field, to take a step back, review the activity being done and compare it against Vedanta’s safety standards.

“If you find deviations, please report it and ensure that it is corrected. Please look after your colleagues, whether employees or contractors. Every fatality or a near fatal accident on our premises is a cause of grave concern for me. Everyone is part of the Vedanta family and at the end of the day, ‘I want you to reach home safe and happy.’

“Balancing production, growth and environmentally sustainable development is the key challenge and therefore an opportunity of our times. The raw materials produced are essential to human progress, people may not realize it, but everything, from a pen to a cycle requires materials from below the ground hence produce them sustainably and safely,” he said.

He said the recent dam burst in Brazil’s mining sector, had caused widespread damage to human life and property.

Mr Agarwal said such unfortunate incident, are learning experience to take proactive steps to ensure such disasters are averted at any cost!

He urged the employees to be part of the solution and devoting themselves to creating a habit of excellence.

Mr Agarwal said safety will be an indicator of progress made in changing habits across the entire institution.

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