I don’t want officers to use guns, teargas but words-Chingola OC

 I don’t want officers to use guns, teargas but words-Chingola OC

Chingola District Conflict Resolutions Committee Chairperson Patrick Mutti says that he doesn’t want Chingola officers to resort to using guns or tear smoke during the fourth coming election.

Mr Mutti who is Chingola Officer Commanding said he prefers to use words to stop violence, rather force or weapons.

He said that the people of Chingola should maintain peace before, during and after elections.

Speaking when he called for an engagement meeting with the clergy, the media, political parties and the police in the district he said violence does not pay.

He called on leaders of different political parties in the district to preach peace and condemn violence because it a source of distractions.

Mr Mutti said that when there is violence, innocent people are affected and people can’t go round doing their usual businesses.

He said that the district will not hold two rallies for different political parties in one day to avoid clashes as the district is small.

Mr Mutti said that if three or four people of different political parties clash because there are in different party regalia, then it won’t be treated as a clash but as a crime because three people can’t clash.

He said political parties should desist from interfering where others are gathered or ask who gave them a permit.

“Destroying other parties political material is a crime. Let us not hide in political parties to commit crimes. We should desist from going where others are gathered. We want things to move smoothly to maintain peace.

“The media and the clergy are instruments of peace, the clergy in various churches should preach peace without boundaries and the media should regulates their programs and preach peace through good reporting and good programming on radio,” he said

The Police Chief also gave guidelines to political parties in the district on the public order act and the issue of political parties getting permits.

Mr Mutti gave the procedures to follow when applying for a permit by political parties to avoid them complaining that they are receiving unfair treatment.

“We are servant of the people and save everyone and I have told all Officers-In-Charge in the district to have a file for each political party to put the permits when they are brought to avoid crushes.

He said avoid importing people because mostly violence is instigated by people who come from outside.

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