I appeal for quick clean up in Judiciary

 I appeal for quick clean up in Judiciary
Dear Editor
I write to appeal to His Excellence President Hakainde Hichilema and the new dawn administration to quickly remove rotten eggs from the judiciary for legal sanity to be restore in our justice system.
The story headed, “PF seeks protection as DEC probes ‘money laundering campaign’: “We can’t reveal funders” can not go without further scrutiny. It further stated that the Patriotic Front, through its Secretary General, Davies Mwila has sued the state seeking a declaration that the source of its campaign funds is not money laundering.
PF is seeking a declaratory order declaring that the party cannot be compelled to disclose its source of funds used in the 2021 general elections as well as a declaration that the funding of the 2021 General elections is not money laundering.
This narrative for these people being summoned by DEC, ACC, and Police for money laundering to cry for protection from the same courts they used to hoodwink Zambians over corruption as working should not be condoned.
I have a strong feeling that running to courts for protection is not because they are being victimized but because they know who is in those court corridors who they are still talking to in privacy. Remember Honorable Lusambo’s statement about PF still pulling the shots?
Let us be cognizant to the fact that Zambia is not dealing with small boys and girls on this corruption and abuse of resources from the previous regime, the big fish is still at large swimming in the waters watching from afar the unfolding.
It is therefore paramount that the New Dawn government moves quickly to swat any form of connivance with the same officers who are supposed to be patriotic to this great nation.
Take for instance just the figures from the two namely Faith Musonda and Milingo Lungu, my town of Chingola can surely be transformed into a City status within a week.
Looking at the positions of these two held, it is indisputable that the bigger guys could be having more of such loot and yet the majority of those that they were fronting for votes were wallowing in poverty yet told to convert to kandola.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer


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