Hungry Lion mauls two villagers in Mambwe

 Hungry Lion mauls two villagers in Mambwe

By Martin Chawanzi in Mambwe
Two people of Chipako area have been attacked by a lion in Mambwe district.

One of the two died following the attack and his body was taken by the lion for continued party.

Village Head Chipako told The Independent Observer said the two men had gone for a drinking spree and on their way home were attacked a hungry lion.

He said the attack happened between Chipako and Ncheka villages.

“We then assembled brave men to pursue the lion for it drop the body of one of the two men. The two men were attacked by a hungry lion around 20:00 hrs in Mwansovya area. One has seriously been injured and the other died on the spot. Our brave men have managed retrieve the body,” he said.

He said the two identified men who are not from within the area, are believed to be from southern Zone of Mambwe district in Chief Mnkhanya have been attacked by hungry lions

The Independent Observer

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