How to recover a deleted WhatsApp photo or video

 How to recover a deleted WhatsApp photo or video

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions when you’re having issues: “How can I recover a deleted WhatsApp photo or video?” For some reason, you deleted that snapshot and now want to get it back on your device. Yes, friends, you can recover it. In fact, today at Softonic we’re going to teach you how.

Before we get started, check carefully

We’re going to recommend a series of recovery programs, but before we get started, we want to ask you something: are you sure you’ve checked carefully?

We’re asking this question for a simple reason: WhatsApp saves all your images and videos in two different folders. One is the device’s “Image gallery” and the other is a dedicated folder for the app called “WhatsApp Images” (within the “Gallery,” of course).

In the case of iOS, the images are also found within every user. If you click on the profile name once the chat is open, you’ll see a field called “Multimedia, links and docs.” Go in and you’ll have access to all the images that you’ve downloaded since you installed the app (if you didn’t delete them previously, of course).

With apps

Once you’ve checked that the images aren’t there, it’s time to use apps to recover the snapshots. For this, we have two tools that work fairly well: DigDeep and Disk Digger, the first free and the second paid.

Starting with DigDeep, this app is extremely easy to use, so much so that its design is the most complex part. With a rough and ugly appearance, this software lets you recover all deleted images with two simple clicks. Literally. Once you have it downloaded and installed, you’ll see that several pictures of deleted images will pop up. Click on the one you would like to recover and click on “Restore.” It doesn’t get any easier.

For Disk Digger, the ins and outs are the same, except the free version of the app only recovers a thumbnail of the photo. Of course, the developers’ idea is that you’ll see the images or videos that you want to recover. And you won’t think twice about upgrading to the paid version.

About WhatsApp Web

We’ll wrap up with a little trick that you may not know: WhatsApp Web, i.e. the computer platform for this app, may have your photos. For this, you only have to enter the site, scan the QR code that it requests (following the instructions that WhatsApp indicates) and you’ll see the app opens on your computer.

If you click on the chat of any user, you’ll see that same box as the iOS version (“Multimedia, links and docs”). Go in and you’ll have all the photos and videos that you’ve exchanged with that person at your fingertips!/Softonic.

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