Hon Matthew Nkhuwa taught me how to fish-Chingola Constituency PF Chair

Chingola Constituency Patriotic Front Chairperson Richard Mutale agrees that one incubator was donated by Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa.

Mr Mutale who is also PF Kabungo Ward Councillor said after seeing how helpful the incubator was he decided to go fishing himself.

Reacting to media reports that he lied about the source of the chicken incubators, Mr Mutale said Mr Nkhuwa had donated a 1, 540 capacity incubator for Mano Uliweka II multi purpose Co-operative in his ward.

“This action by Hon Nkhuwa was like teaching me how to fish. Then I have shown our MP that am a good student by going to fish more incubators. So far I have secure four incubators two with 1, 540 and two with 6, 500 capacity.

“There is need to be weaned as leaders. I took this initiative after I was elected as Chingola PF Constituency Chairman. My family became big and we could not all rely on one incubator and I couldn’t go back to the MP seeking help. So I had show him that I’m growing,” he said.

He said he has taken one of the big incubators plus a small to Solwezi for business.

“I have also another small incubator to Mpika for business with my parents. Here I have remained with one big incubator operational at 19 Masomo Road in Chiwempala. I have shared with information with my fellow Councillors and PF leaders,” he said

He said as a leader he takes no offence to criticism because criticism builds.

“I would like also to thank all those who criticised me. I have learnt a lesson and its good people to criticise us as leaders because it builds us and makes us strong. I’m planing buy two not a small ones after next week with 1, 540 capacity

“I’m also appealing to all especially PF leaders that approach someone when we think they are doing something wrong rather than insulting or going on social media. In this world no one is perfect. Those who insulted me I have forgiven you and I have humbled myself please forgive me if I wrong you. Personal hatred doesn’t help. We are one, one day I will need you and you will need me, not all days are Sunday’s one day it will be Monday,” he said.

Mr Mutale said he would always stabdby Mr Nkhuwa to make his job easier because as Constituency chair he is actually the eyes of the MP.

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