Homes aren’t churches-Chingola Council

 Homes aren’t churches-Chingola Council

Residential homes are not churches for some mushrooming churches to be playing loud music from, Chingola Council (CMC) has said. 

And the Council has warned perpetrators that they will face the wrath of the Law if caught or reported being behind noise pollution in the residential areas.

CMC Assistance Public Relations Manager Donna Mbalwe said noise pollution from home cum-churches is disturbing communities.

Ms Mbalwe said the Council had received a number of complaints about such churches from members of the public.

“The Council is not against churches mushrooming in the district but there should be order in the way of doing things. Apart from causing noise pollution the churches don’t have proper toilets which are in proper order which is not advisable health wise.

“If pastors want to build up churches or identify a building where to conduct prayers they should first visit the council. The Council should be able to send building instructors to check if the environment is conducive for prayers,” she said.

She said that according to the Local Government Act Statutory Instrument 10 of 2018 Cap 34 noise pollution from premises interfering with neighbors is an offense and a 1000 fee payable to the Council.

Ms Mbalwe said the council is coming up with a program of inspecting each community and anyone found wanting will be dealt with.

“Worshiping in a group cell is normal not playing loud music with instruments. It disturbs members of the community,” she said.

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