Hiking of health products is unethical-Chingola Chamber

 Hiking of health products is unethical-Chingola Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) in Chingola is saddened by the abrupt increase of heath products such as hand sanitizer, hand gloves and masks.

CCCI First Vice President Emmanuel Gardner said hiking health products amid a pandemic is against business ethics.

Mr Gardner said that it is unethical to take advantage of a crisis that is life threatening, to double or even triple on profits.

“This is the time, when business should be supportive of the Government cause and help prevent the impending danger by adopting the principle of prevention is better than cure.

“In as much as business is theirs to make profit, however, this is no time to make super profits. We must be a brother’s keeper by being participants in the fight to bring down the pandemic.  Business must always adopt a moral compass especially at time like this,” he said.

He urged CCCI members to conduct fair business, by charging the correct price, if anything, reduce price in order to help many people afford such health products.

“We all need to stand together and fight the pandemic. Price manipulation arising from a life threatening crisis is against our Christian nation Moto. The health products must be affordable and available to all times because of there is a lockdown, the same businesses will have no traffic or someone to exploit,” he said.

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