HH’s convoy shot at in Chingola

 HH’s convoy shot at in Chingola

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Elias Chushi says the incident that occurred in Chingola today were UPND supporters were tear gassed was to avoid a similar situation that happened in Ndola yesterday were three PF cadres ended assaulted and injured.

The UPND were blocked from going to congregate at Chiwempala UCZ after which they planned to go and worship at Catholic Church in Kapisha.

The blockage of the convoy happened at Mokorro hotel traffic lights in Chingola’s town were the police tried to control UPND supporters by using tear gas and in the process of the confusion live ammunition was fired.

This has resulted in every main Street in Chingola to be heavily guarded by police and armed police vehicles.

Earlier today, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema took to social media to condemn the police in the district who had tear gassed at his convoy and allegedly fired gun shots at them.

“The reasons PF must go could not be clearer as moments ago, the Police fired gunshots and tear gas as we were on our way to Church here in Chingola, In a Christian nation surely? All I can say is this won’t stop Zambians from taking you out of office EdgarCLungu!” he said.

But Mr Chushi said the use of tear gas at the UPND in Chingola was to stop any clashes between them and the PF.

“Yesterday while in Ndola the UPND cadres clashed with the PF as a result three PF cadres were injured and one is currently critically injured and is admitted to the intensive care unit at Ndola teaching hospital,” he said.