He tore my pants then raped me

 He tore my pants then raped me

A-41-Year-old woman of Itezhi-Tezhi has told the Magistrates court of how a 26- old   fisherman violently dragged her in the bush while she was on her way to Kafue River to order fish and allegedly raped her.

A named fish trader of Chibolya ‘A’ Township in Itezhi Tezhi was testifying against Gracious Muzambwe of the same Township.

Particulars before court are that on May 6, 2018, Gracious Muzambwe had carnal knowledge of Monica Sosopi without her consent.

The named woman told Magistrate Mugala Chalwe that on May 6, 2018, around 04:00 hours while on her way to Kafue River, a man approached her and told her that she was going follow him to his home.

In her testimony, the woman told the magistrate that she resisted going to Muzambwe’s home as she did not know him.

“When I resisted, Muzambwe violently dragged me into a nearby bush where he tore off my dress including the under wear. He then forced himself on me. I screamed for help as I lay helplessly on the rough ground.

“He violently tore my jean skirt, breast holder and underwear and forced himself on me despite having repeatedly screamed and telling him that I was a patient” she narrated.

She said that during the course of the act, she continued screaming for help and one person heard her and saw them.

It was then that person by the name of Maurice rushed to inform some people in the compound that later rushed to the scene and rescued her.

“Maurice and I reported the matter to Itezhi Tezhi police station where I was given a medical certificate form before being referred to Itezhi Tezhi District Hospital for examination,” she said.

In cross examination, Muzambwe asked woman (name withheld) whether it was rape if a man proposed love to a woman and has consented.

The woman responded that it was not.

She explained that in her case there was no consent to have sex with him and that it was her first time to see the man.

Another witness Esther Kambeu, 25 told the court how she was awakened around 04:00 hours by a man called Maurice with whom she went with to the scene where she found   Muzambwe on top of victim ready handed and grabbed him by his red t-shirt that he was wearing.

Kambeu told the court that the two recognized Muzambwe as it was bright because of the moonlight.

She said that when she held Muzambwe by his T-shirt he took off the T-shirt and escaped leaving her with the red T-shirt in her hand.

Medical report   and torn clothes and underwear were submitted in the court.

The matter has been adjourned to 25 June for continued trial/ZANIS.

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