Harry Kalaba warned and cautioned by Police


By Thulasizwe Tembo
Police on the Copperbelt have recorded a warn and caution statement from PF Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba for having illegal meetings.

Mr Kalaba today appeared for questioning at the Copperbelt Divisional headquarters in Ndola.

The Bahati PF lawmaker arrived at the divisional headquarters at exactly 10:05 hours walking with hundreds of his supporters.

After two hours of questioning, Mr Kalaba came out in the company of his Lawyer Musa Mwenye State Counsel.

And Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga later told Journalists that the former foreign affairs minister has been using the guise of going to Churches then later hold illegal meetings.

Mrs Katanga said the police decided to invite Kalaba for questioning over his continued illegal meetings on the Copperbelt.

“We called the former minister of foreign affairs, Harry Kalaba in connection with some illegal meetings on the Copperbelt. To our best of knowledge there is no notification of the meetings, some public, some indoors and doing this with impunity. It was important for him to be called to the police,” Katanga said.

She also said the Harry Kalaba movement is illegal because it is not registered with the society.

“He is using the so called Harry Kalaba movement without following the law. This same Kalaba movement is not registered with societies. We are going to arrest him if he continues. Today we have just recorded a warn and caution statement from him,” she said.

But addressing his supporters, Mr Kalaba said he is on a journey to liberate Zambia.

He said he is ready to be arrested because the people of Zambia can no longer continue to be subjected to leadership that does not care.

“This is a journey we have taken. We can’t sit and see how our people are suffering, being abused. Money is spent on fire tenders yet our people are suffering. This is what we have started to liberate our people and if it means to be arrested, let it be so. But I will not be intimidated with my colleagues. Thank you for coming and supporting us,” Kalaba said, before police ordered the interview to end.

Later Mr Kalaba decided to walk but the police stopped him after just walking for a few meters.

The police ordered Mr Kalaba to jump in a vehicle that was been driven by Chipili Member of Parliament Jewis Chani.