Harassment of civil servants by cadres should stop

 Harassment of civil servants by cadres should stop

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) has called on Zambia Police to bring to book all the ruling Patriotic Front cadres who harassed a Civil Servant at the Ministry of Works and Supply on the accusations that she belongs to the opposition UPND.

UPPZ Secretary General Munalula Kwalombota said that the police should quickly round up the culprits to book because they are known as seen in the video.

“We cannot have unruly cadres harassing Civil Servants like that and walk away freely. This behavior by PF cadres should come to an end and we expect the ruling party to tame their cadres, otherwise they are going to put this country on fire if left to continue with such behavior, “he said.

Mr Kwalombota said that the people of Zambia are harassed by PF cadres every day in markets, bus stations and now they have started following Civil servants at Ministries.

He said that this kind of conduct should not be tolerated at all cost.

Mr Kwalombota said that Zambians have a right to choose which party to belong to and respect their decision because they cannot all belong to one party in a democratic country.

He said that the harassment of the Civil Servant is meant to cause fear to those who are opposed to the PF style of Leadership.

Mr Kwalombota said that this kind of behavior should come to an end especially that we are approaching the election

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