Green World in Chingola your health partner

Green World is an American Enterprise

Promoting positive health by use of natural products to control and eliminate problems of

  • High blood pressure/ cholesterol
  • Sugar diabetes, stress and depression
  • Arthritis, stroke and low immune system
  • Heart disorder, pain (neck/back/leg)
  • Menopause and memory loss
  • Kidney/liver/lung/neve/piles/prostrate/breast disorder
  • Tumors/ulcers/worms and parasites
  • Weight control problems, infertility etc.

Are you troubled with any of the above problems?

We have natural herbs to help the body heal itself

We also do a full body scan (medical check-up) and detox (body cleaning)

Business opportunity

Green world is looking for serious people to distribute its health products with only K2, 600 as capital you will make a lot of money and great rewards when you meet your target.

The only risk is delay.

Come to 40-15th street Nchanga South Town Centre Chingola

Contact us on 0955924516/0966924516/0973187504

We have Testimonies of people who have come back to testify and we have been around for years and trustworthy.

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