Grade 9 external exams results out

 Grade 9 external exams results out

Over 13,000 candidates out of 132,508 who sat for Grade Nine external exams have obtained certificates.

And only 20,980 candidates from 143,351 who sat for GCE exams obtained school certificates.

Education Minister Douglas Siakalima, who announced the results in Lusaka today also disclosed that 385 suspected individuals and 69 center examination malpractices where reported during the 2022 General Certificate Examinations.

Mr Syakalima further disclosed that 45 suspected individual examination malpractices where recorded during the grade 9 external exams and one center exam during the same period.

He said the cases were in form of smuggling unauthorized materials such as mobile phones, impersonation, and copying and exam assistance.

Mr Syakilima warned teachers to desist from aiding pupils during exams as doing so is a crime.

Meanwhile, Examination Council of Zambia -ECZ- Director Michael Chilala warned that practicing licenses for teachers who will be found involved in aiding pupils during exams will be withdrawn.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.