Govt working on Nakonde boreholes

 Govt working on Nakonde boreholes

By Maimbo Mweemba
Water Development and Sanitation Minister, Mike Mposha Government is studying proposals by experts to drill more boreholes in Nakonde district as Makoma dam the main source of water dries up in the hot season leading to water shortages.

Mr Mposha said this after visiting the dam and other water facilities under construction in Nakonde.

Mr Mposha also said he is concerned with reports that the stream leading water into the dam is being heavily polluted by agriculture activities.

He said relying on Makoma dam as a source of water for the district is not in the best interest of the people in Nakonde as the town is growing rapidly.

He said it is evident that the people in the area need a reliable source of water for their needs and this may only be attained through drilling of boreholes.

And Resident Engineer Winston Simbeye who is working on the Nakonde water project said Makoma dam is not a sustainable source of water in the long term and needs to be supplemented by boreholes.

And, Chambeshi Water Supply and Sanitation Company Managing Director Luckson Simumba said it is becoming increasingly costly to treat water from the dam to make it safe for human consumption due to its cloudy nature.