Govt urged to upscale salaries for Teachers holding masters degrees

 Govt urged to upscale salaries for Teachers holding masters degrees

Former National Union for Public and Private Educators of Zambia ( NUPPEZ ) chairperson in North-western province, Davison Kandela has advised government to consider upscaling salaries for teachers with master’s degree qualifications.

Mr Kandela says upscaling salaries will motivate teachers to work even harder and in turn improve service delivery.

Mr Kandele in a phone interview said there have been frustrations amongst teachers who despite upgrading their qualifications have remained in the same salary scale.

“You will find that today a person who has just obtained a BA at the first appointment gets a more advanced salary scale than a person who has upgraded and has been in service for a long time”, he said.

Mr Kandela has since applauded government for considering upgrading teachers who have obtained additional qualifications before recruitment of new teachers.

The former NUPPEZ   chairperson said the upgrade will reduce on some of the frustrations that those who have been serving for a long time have been subjected to.

“This is the way to go and this is the way we can appreciate human resource that has been working so hard, ” he said.

Mr Kandela has also commended government for making another milestone in the recruitment process of 30,000 teachers country wide.

He said once the 30,000 teachers are recruited the issues of understaffing will be a thing of the past.

The Teaching Service Commission yesterday disclosed that it has finalized the draft roadmap for recruitment of 30,000 teachers and the process for upgrading those already in service with additional qualifications has started.