Govt urged to promote musical talents among youths

 Govt urged to promote musical talents among youths


National Democratic Congress Party Alliance National Spokesperson George Sichula has called on Government to prioritise and promote music talent among youths in the country.

Mr Sichula said that talent such as singing if well promoted by Government will enrich the country greatly.

Speaking at a Musical festive held at Chikola Baptist Church as Guest of Honor, Mr Sichula said that countries that have prioritized talent have excelled tremendously.

He said that some youths in the country have not had the opportunity to get an education but are talented and languishing aimlessly without any support from Government, which is unfortunate.

He is however hopeful that the fortunes of the music industry in the country will change as the new dawn Government is pro-youth.

Mr Sichula also said that Music as a talent has the potential to change lives, but without adequate support and promotion, the art has not reached standards that attract much of the international community.

He also encouraged the youths to put their various talents to good use so that they are able to provide self-employment.

Mr Sichula said that Government cannot provide employment to all the youths in country, saying that this has never been done by any country.

Mr Sichula also urged the youths to be self-confident and do away with the mentality of inferior complex.

“There is need to promote music in Zambia, Government must see to it that the music industry realizes its full potential, which in turn will help in alleviating youth unemployment, youths know your purpose and avoid violent politics, for you to make it  because no one will better your life for you,” he said.

Mr Sichula urged the youths to be safe this festive season and avoid careless lifestyles that might lead to loss of lives.

He said that as the police have tightened security, it is upon to an individual to keep safe and stay clear off law breaking activities.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.