Govt urged to establish cheaper sources of fuel

 Govt urged to establish cheaper sources of fuel

Political Researcher Cephas Mukuka has advised government to establish cheaper sources of getting fuel going forward.

Dr Mukuka said that Zambia is well connected at both regional and continental level hence it should take advantage and get fuel from Libya, Nigeria or neighbouring Angola as opposed to sourcing the commodity from expensive sources.

“What the Government needed to do before increasing the fuel pump price was to do massive sensitization so that citizens are prepared with the new economical reform. As the matter stands, Government has gone against campaign promises on providing cheaper fuel,” he said.

He said Zambia should reconsider constructing an oil pipeline from Angola into Western Zambia in order to promote Africanism and equally provide cheaper fuel to the nation.

Dr Mukuka also urged the new dawn administration to halt the export of maize as this year’s farming season is very unpredictable due to late rainfall and semi drought experienced so far.

Dr Mukuka said the danger if not halted is that only a smaller fraction of the citizens may acquire the commodity going by the given factors.