Govt to start blending ethanol with petrol locally

 Govt to start blending ethanol with petrol locally


Government says plans are underway to start blending locally produced ethanol with petrol to in 2022.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala said Indeni Oil Refinery Company will be used to get the ethanol and Petrol for blending.

Mr Kapala said the technology will help reduce the pump prices of fuel and help save on the foreign exchange spent on importing fuel.

“The initiative will also help to create employment for cassava and sugarcane farmers who will be providing raw materials for ethanol production, and also government will in June next year push for legislation to ensure companies which are producing ethanol are cleared to start blending with petrol,” he said.

Mr Kapala said this Suryabio Fuels Limited which is producing ethanol in Chibombo District.

And,  Suryabio Fuels Chairman Kalpesh Patel said the company plans to supplement government’s efforts in ensuring that fuel production is stabilized in the country.