Govt to start administering Covid-19 boosters

 Govt to start administering Covid-19 boosters

Government is set to start administering Covid-19 booster vaccines for people who received the initial Covid-19 vaccinations with effect from December 27,  2021.

Speaking during the daily Covid-19 update, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo said that Government has also decided to introduce Covid-19 vaccines in children from the age of 18 to 12 years.

And Ms Masebo said the Council of Ministers on Disaster Management chaired by Vice President Mutale Nalumango held a meeting on Tuesday where the decisions were made.

“The booster vaccines will be administered to adults above the age of 18, these will include health care workers as priority, the elderly and those with underlying illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, and those fully vaccinated and are willing to take the booster shot are eligible,” she said.

She also said the decision to introduce Covid 19 vaccination in children is as a result of an increase in illnesses and deaths in Zambia and globally.

“Those that AstraZeneca, Synopharm , Pfeizer and Moderna can receive the vaccine booster after 6 months of having being fully vaccinated, while those that received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine can receive the booster dose after 2 months of getting vaccinated,” she said.

The Health Minister said the Pfeizer vaccine will be administered in children from the age of 12 to 18 as this is the vaccine that has been proved to be more effective in children.

She said the introduction of vaccines in children is a way of protecting them from Covid 19.