Govt to help Zambians in diaspora

Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji says government through its foreign missions has intensified the registration of Zambians in the diaspora to see how best they can be helped in view of the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Mr  Malanji  has told journalists that all Zambians that have been caught up in some countries due to the lockdown should immediately register  with their respective Zambian missions.
He said the Zambian foreign missions have been directed to help Zambians who might require medical attention in countries under lockdown.
Mr Malanji  further said Zambians, who might have visited countries under lockdown will be helped by foreign missions to facilitate their passage back home.
He was, however, quick to mention that in some countries it might be difficult to facilitate passage of Zambians back home because some flights have been suspended due to the Covid-19.
Meanwhile,  Mr Malanji  has disclosed that there is NO Zambian that has been caught up in the harassment of Africans in Guangzhou.
The Foreign Affairs Minister said all Zambians in Guangzhou and China as a whole have lived within the confines of the law.
Mr Malanji  said in line with presidential directives all Zambians are advised not to travel to Covid-19 high risk countries, adding that all those coming from high risk countries will have to be quarantined for 14 days regardless of their status.

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