Govt take measures on illigal miners to many deaths in pit.

 Govt take measures on illigal miners to many deaths in pit.

Dear Editor
I wish to air my views on the death of two illigal miners (Jarabos) who were traped in the pit last week and died on the spot.

It is sad that this accident was not reported in the media and infact such accidents are very common in the pit.

Government should take serious measures on what is happening at the mine dumps in Chingola let them consider safety first. By forming
Cooperatives so that all members are on PPE and no underage boys should be allowed in the pit as well as those involved should pass silicosis.

Let us have sanity in the dumps this is a good venture for unemployed youths, but they should follow mine regulation, abide by the laws and develop a Sense of responsibility.

This should be taken serious by those in authority.

In the early hours of Wednesday August 6, 2020, two illigal miners (Jarabos) were tragically killed in the pit where they were digging copper.

A good number of them where in the pit working and had a genset which they connected some bulbs to have light.

unfortunately as they were working rocks fell from above those near the entrance managed to escaped but the two were traped and died on the spot.

The bodies were retrieved and taken to Nchanga North General Hospital mortuary and burial took place on a Saturday.
SB Kalaba- concerned Political Analyst.

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