Govt suspends 3 mines from operating

 Govt suspends 3 mines from operating

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development has with suspended three mines from operating with immediate effect.

The 3 are Jifumpa Mine in Kasempa District, Collum Coal Mine in Sinazeze, Southern Province and Chibuluma Mine Site on the Copperbelt.

Ministry of Mines, Director of Mines Safety, Fred Banda this has been necessitated by inspections at the three mines.

Speaking in a statement availed to the media, Mr Banda said among some of the concerns at Jifumpa Mine is that there was no appointed Mine Manager to direct, control and supervise all mining operations as required under Mining Regulations.

Mr Banda also said that at Chibuluma Mine Site, there was no appointed Site Manager to Control, Supervise and direct mining operations at Chibuluma underground as required under Mining Regulations.

And Collum Coal Mine, Mr Banda said that most of the conveyor belts had no operating emergency trip wire installed along them among some other safety concerns.

He said the mining method used have no roof support which poses’ danger to workers underground.

“The mining operations at all the three mine sites have been suspended as required under Mining Regulations 301 (c) until all the anomalies have been satisfactorily addressed, rectified and re-inspected,” he said.