Govt should remove taxes on Agriculture products

 Govt should remove taxes on Agriculture products

Chifwani Concepts promoter Emmanuel Mwamba has called on government to remove taxes on agricultural products and the value chain.

Mr Mwamba, who is also Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, said this when Chifwani Concepts, a social enterprise that promotes the farming of cassava, received motor bikes to be used in extension services.

He said the exercise tax imposed on manufacturers using agricultural products, hindered the growth of the sector and made farmers suffer little revenue from their products.

He said he learnt that Zhongkai International Ltd and other companies pay huge taxes for production of industrial products derived from agricultural raw materials.

Mr Mwamba said such taxes were suitable to be passed on to the end-user than intermediary entities such as Zhongkai International.

He said the agriculture sector presented the biggest economic opportunity for the country and reliable income and livelihoods for small holder farmers in rural areas.

And Mr Mwamba said the motor bikes, weighing scales, cassava cuttings and tents will help coordinate the production of cassava.

He also announced that Chifwani Concepts will open offices in Petauke and Mongu Districts next month.

Mr Mwamba called on people having tracts of land that lay idle to get in touch with his office to help them use it for cassava.

He said his collaboration with Musika has helped Chifwani Concepts access high-yielding cassava cuttings.

He said Chifwani Concepts will ensure that small-holder farmers derived benefits from cash crops such as cassava to help with government diversification programme.

Last month, Chifwani Concepts signed an off-take Agreement with Zhongkai International for the supply of cassava.

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